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Information About Paint

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Flat – A paint with a flat surface that looks & feels like a chalkboard. It does not reflect light and most commonly used on ceilings or closets and sometimes on walls in living rooms & bed rooms, expecially if theirs a lot of imperfections. Flat finishes are non-washable and cleaning is not advised. Great for touching up spots w/ paint later.

Matte – A durable paint with a dull flat finish look and an eggshell feel to it. Sometimes used for ceilings and walls. Matte finishes can endure light cleaning with soap & water, but heavy cleaning is not recommended. Not all paint brands make matte finishes.

Eggshell – A durable paint with a low sheen and gloss reminiscent of an eggshell. Eggshell finishes are most commonly used on walls, in living rooms, bed rooms, bath rooms & kitchens and has a slightly higher sheen level than flat, and unlike flat finishes as they can endure light cleaning with soap & water but no touch up.

Satin - A durable paint with a smooth, velvety gloss texture. Satin can hold up to heavy water areas and is most commonly used sometimes in bathrooms & kitchens. (Not recommended for walls with a lot of imperfections or bumps)

Semi-Gloss Used mostly for trim, doors & crown molding. (Not recommended for walls)

Gloss Used mostly for trim, doors & crown molding and has just a little more shine to it than simi gloss. (Not recommended for walls)

Gloss or Simi gloss Enamel -is the best to use for any trim or doors. Enamel is a highly durable paint that have a reflective shine reminiscent of plastic & a has a hard shell feel to it. It can easily endure heavy cleaning. (Not recommended for walls)

Some painting companys will get you the paint, but will mark up the price of each gallon.

We'll use your paint, that way there's no mark up on price from us and you can save more money!

How much paint to buy?
Usally 1 gallon of paint covers about 13x13 room with 8 ft. walls or 12x12 room with 9 ft. walls. (Ben as talked about below, 1 gallon does a 12x12 room between 1 1/2 - 2 times)
Best Paint To Purchase:
Dutchboy Platinium paint from Menards Stores is a good paint. my #2. recommendation
***** Ben made by Benjamin moore is the best paint. #1.******
Benjamin moore makes about 7 different kinds of interior paint.
This one is called "Ben" thats the name of it and it's the best paint I've used!.....Has low Voc's which means low paint fumes / drys fast so a second coat can be applyed right away and more durable & long lasting than other paints!
Best of all this paint covers great at about the same price and covers almost double the wall space then other paints so you'll save money on paint!
Paint we won't use.... Instead of charging more for our time we
would rather you just not get this paint.
The only paint we won't use is Home depot Behr paint, Benjamin moore Aura paint and any other paint that has primer built in or says it will cover in one coat because of the extra time it takes to put on the wall.
( Very Thick & Sticky 2nd coat makes blisters from being too sticky & pulling at the 1st coat)
Thay say it will cover in one coat but thats just a marketing pitch, it never does... and you'll just need to buy more because it's so thick that more is used!